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Doug Buckley
Fred Buckley
Brett Buono
Bubby Karick
Joe Heitmann
Chuck Kennison
Chris McCann
Bill Miller
Terry Potrzebowski
Fred Quail
Dick Scutt
Tom Smalley
Serenity Sutherland
Trevor Sutherland
Butch Woodhouse
Dave Yehl

We could go on, but it might sound like bragging.

Approved NASCAR Body
Builder & Hanger
The Teed family has been building a reputation for quality since the early '60s. Whether it's truck bodies, TIG/MIG aluminum welding, or building & setting up a winning chassis - the Teeds deliver.

Over the years several racing teams from across the Northeast have celebrated Victory Lane thanks to Teed Chassis.

Sampling of Services

Portable Welding
MIG Aluminum Welding
TIG Welding
Truck Bodies
General Repair Welds
Tube Bending (all sizes)
Any chassis (blacktop or dirt)
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Black Rock Speedway
5-Mile Point Speedway
Skyline Raceway
Thunder Mountain
Watkins Glen International
Woodhull Raceway
Where do you run?
On asphalt
On dirt
In Wal-Mart's parking lot